For The Love of Nottingham


From the moment I arrived in Nottingham, a wet-behind-the-ears student, I was in love with the place! It’s History, its culture, its appearance ; all so far removed from my home town in the North East of England. I was enamoured with its stories from bygone days, the architecture, the people, and even just the fact that it actually had restaurants (where I’m from to ‘eat out’ meant fish and chips in some newspaper down by the sea front, oh, and one of the pubs served food but that was for special occasions like Anniversaries and wakes)

20 years on and I still feel an enthusiastic devotion to this town I now call home, and a pride at all it has to offer. It would make the perfect UK weekend break and there are tonnes of things to do with the kids. Recently listed as a UNESCO City of Literature and coming first in the Metro’s Top 11 Cities to visit in 2016, amongst other respected listings, I feel it is time to add some blogs about this wonderful city, so check back soon for my reviews and travel tips.

Enjoy! And come visit soon – Nottingham is waiting for you!… click here for more…


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