A London Food Guide – The Best Eats & Places To Eat!

In The Know : The Best Food In London!

London is one of the top-ranked cities in the world for fine dining, holding over 70 Michelin stars, so it comes as no surprise that the standard of food in this wonderful city is outstanding. But you don’t have to sell a lung to afford the best eats in London, there are plenty of great restaurants, cafés, street food stalls and markets to get you salivating.

So, if you’re in the nation’s capital with the intention of loosening your belts and settling in for a few days of top-nosh, let me share with you some amazing restaurants and the best London street food you will ever encounter.

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Finding all the best eats in London needn't be a minefield - we've done all the hard work for you! Best London markets, street-food, insta-worthy desserts and places for brunch, plus more. #LondonFood #London

Brunch in London

First things first, start your day at the botanical paradise of the Bourne and Hollingsworth Buildings Restaurant (the B&H to locals). Hallelujah to Pinterest for this amazing find – a holiday for the eyes as well as the taste buds. Like some wealthy old country estate which has gone to seed you can take your tea in the garden room amongst the flora or find a comfy low arm-chair with worn blooming prints in the cosy restaurant area. Such a beautiful restaurant, a perfect setting for breakfast, and bustling with cheeriness from the attentive staff and happy punters alike.

The menu for brunch is fairly substantial and all impeccably prepared. Booking is essential, this kind of high-quality food in pretty surroundings is always going to be a winner with locals and visitors alike. Find more information on their website. So, how do you like your eggs?

The Restaurant at the The Bourne and Hollingsworth Buildings, Clerkenwell, London. All laid out for the best brunch you will ever experience.
brunch in London food
best place for brunch in london
best eats in London - poached eggs at the Bourne and Hollingsworth Buildings in Clerkenwell London.

Alternatively, if you prefer swank over crittall conservatory’s, check out one of the four Granger & Co.’s in Notting Hill, Kings Cross, Clerkenwell and Chelsea as another top choice for brunch in London.

Food Markets of London

London street food wonderfully represents the enormous diversity of cultures you find yourself rubbing shoulders within this liquorice allsorts of a metropolis. Cuisines from countries you’ve never even heard of and dishes that you can’t even pronounce. That said – you don’t need to speak Uzbekistanian to eat Uzbekistanian.

Most people have heard of Greenwich, Spitalfields, Camden or Borough Markets, in fact, most people have been, but don’t forget the little guys. Leather Lane has been around 400 years and has a royal history – the wager of a bad debt made by destitute King Charles II. Enveloped by Little Italy and once a place for artists and instrument makers, these days you will be spoilt for choice when you come for lunch. Or Broadway Market – rumoured to have inspired the set of Eastenders – is a foodie-heaven frequented by local hipsters and fashionistas. Or the recently renovated car-park that is now known as The Vinegar Yard a stone’s throw from The Shard with a blend of vintage and craft stalls and ample seating for the food vans and pop-up bars. Try the sourdough pizza parcels, you won’t regret it! Street food in London is becoming a lot more sophisticated but ultimately offers you the opportunity to sample some unusual dishes and unique flavours – my particular favourites are the sea urchins on Borough Market.

Try the sea urchins at Borough market - some of the best street food in London
The vinegar yard London - best eats London
vinegar yard food markets london
Street food at a London food market
Park your bottom and eat lunch at Camden Market, London

Curry In London

Well obviously I would direct you to Brick Lane in Shoreditch if it’s a traditional Indian restaurant you’re hankering after – a good curry and naan with a pinch of bad-attitude waiters and a parting after-eight as standard, and I know you won’t be disappointed. This is the area where Bangladeshi’s immigrated to last century and brought their curry recipes with them so if it’s authentic curries you’re after, Brick Lane is where you need to be for the best Indian food in London.

 *If you want to stay on Brick Lane so you can eat as much curry as you like, then make sure you consider The Hub *

However, there is an alternative option – curry with a twist, if you like – that will also blow your socks off : Dishoom. Dishoom is a modern take on the old Iranian cafe’s of Bombay. Not many exist still today, but back when Iranian’s escaped persecution in their own land, they crossed borders and Bombay, in particular, became home to these peculiar Irani-style cafe’s where both lawyer and lay person ate their meals together.

It really doesn’t get much better than Dishoom. From the minute you enter one of their establishment in Covent Garden, Shoreditch or Kensington your nose sends out party invites to various other body members seducing you with scents of cardamom and clove, cassia and cumin. The welcome is warm and the jovial atmosphere in very well-groomed surroundings makes it the perfect spot to enjoy an evening with friends – I can’t recommend it highly enough!

The calamari small plate and the Chicken Ruby, mopped up with a Roomali Roti won’t disappoint. Wash it down with a mango and fennel seed lassi and jobs a good’un.

Reservations are taken for breakfast and lunch, but if there are less than 6 of you at Dinner you can’t book and may have to wait a short while. Get their opening times on their website.

Posh Picnics From The Best London Deli

If you’re hankering for a picnic but feel like cheese and ham sandwiches just don’t make the grain then find yourselves an Ottolenghi Deli and pick up some of their amazing salads and even more amazing cakes and pastries. As if they didn’t look good enough anyway, they’re even healthy too, it’s pure clean eating – although maybe not all the cakes. There are 6 establishments across London, including Belgravia, Islington and Spitalfields, to purchase your posh picnic.

The cake selection at the wonderful Ottolenghi deli in London

Michelin Food In London – Dinner by Heston

So, I’ve shared some London food gems with you my friends, and all places I wouldn’t hesitate to take my most critical of foodie-friends (who shall remain nameless, but you know the type – never compliment your cooking, always name-drop their latest extravagant nosh-up, call the chefs by their Christian names). Well, if you need a retort then book yourselves a table at Heston’s at the Mandarin Oriental in Knightsbridge. ‘Dinner‘ ranks number 7 in the Worlds Best Restaurants this year and it’s really easy to see why. The menu is inspired by the History of British cuisine – contemporary takes on old recipes which show that our obsession with food is not just a modern marvel. Every mouthful will leave you humming with delight and wonderment at how something can taste so good, and that’s just the bread they bring you to nibble on as you wait on the ultimate dining experience! You may well be surrounded by rich Chinese businessmen and their bag-laden teenage daughters, only here to pick up their new horse-hair Manolos, but Dinner doesn’t request that you own half a football club. Of course, it’s high-end and one of the best restaurants in London so you probably want to dress up, but the staff are gracious and don’t differentiate, there are still many diners there for special occasions who wouldn’t ordinarily be so lavish and this is much respected.

A 3 course lunch from their set lunch menu costs £40 (available Monday – Friday) and the á la carte considerably more, but I promise you it’s worth every penny. This is the seventh best restaurant in the world and London dining at its finest!

Instagrammable Food Spots In London

Fancy showing off a few of your London-Eats on Instagram? Then make your way over to the China-Town district around the corner from the famous Leicester Square. Puddings come in all shapes and sizes in China-town and usually with a healthy dollop of food-colouring and glitter! We’ve sampled a few of the newbies on the London food scene and here are our favourites…

  • Macaron ice cream sandwiches from Yolkin at 24 Rupert Street
  • Taiyaki – fish-shaped cones of delicious rainbow soft-serve ice cream with fresh fruit at Bake 9 Wardour Street
  • Bubblewrap Waffles are one of the best eats London has offered up to Instagram, but make sure you share – they’re massive!
  • Sophisticated gourmet pastries from Maitre Choux in Soho almost look too good to eat – but you won’t be able to resist!


A Hotel For Foodie’s – The Grazing Goat

In the middle of Marylebone is the cosiest of London gastro-pubs. Renowned for its amazing full English breakfast, after you’ve spent the evening in one of their contemporary styled rooms. So if you like to stay in accommodation with an excellent restaurant for your evening meal then you will not be disappointed with The Grazing Goat : a British menu with all the local favourites and classic meals. The rooms are cosy and welcoming, as are the staff – the perfect place to chill out after a busy day in this foodie city.

So go on, book your London foodie break and don’t forget to drop me a comment, have you eaten anywhere great in London? Got a favourite London food market? I’d love to know!

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  1. Ananya patel says:

    Wow, I can’t believe how hungry I am even though I just finished eating! Haha! I’m planning a trip to London this year, and I recently tried some ‘Appetiser pizza’ food there. They were absolutely delightful, and I can’t wait to go back. If you ever get the chance, you should definitely visit too!

  2. That’s incredible! Croatia looks like heaven on earth! Family villa holidays

  3. Can I rent a villa for more than a week? There is just so much to see! Croatia villas

    1. Alex says:

      Yes you can, or longer if needed

  4. Lisa says:

    I am so pleased to find this article! These seem great places! I want to try these places. Thanks a lot for the great article.

    1. Alex says:

      Enjoy eating your way around London – it’s a great foodie city!

  5. jane cook says:

    I’m off to London for a weekend this month, definitely need to check some of these out! 🙂 xx

  6. Lisa T says:

    My husband and I will be meeting a tax colleague in London in April and I just never thought much about food choices. I will need to brush up on the delicacies London has to offer. I usually take some snacks along with me when we go to a new place, just in case. Thanks for sharing your choices with all of us on pinterest.

    1. Alex says:

      Ar, hope you have lots of fun in April. And thanks!

  7. Oh wow… Your photographs are simply stunning. Everything looks so scrumptious!

  8. YUM. What a fabulous list and seriously #swoonworthy images! You have me salivating. Definitely wonderful suggestions. We adore seeking out markets when we visit a place – I love the pics from Camden Market – my kids would adore the scooter seats! Cheers from Copenhagen and thanks for linking with #FarawayFiles – we can’t wait to see where you take us this week! Erin

    1. Alex says:

      Kids DO love Camden – there’s just so much eye candy!! Thanks for the retweet too 😉 x

  9. Oh Alex I’m not sure I should thank you for sharing this – I’m feeling both starving and desperate to go and eat out in London. What a foodie few days you had! Every one of the places you mention sounds well worth a trip. I love the old-style look and sofas in the brunch restaurant and it’s always great to read about new food markets. Thanks so much for linking up to #FarawayFiles

    1. Alex says:

      You must have brunch in the Bourne & Hollingsworth buildings – it’s amazing!

  10. What a fab post – I’d also print this off and take on my next trip to London! I tend to always end up at the same markets (Spitalfields, Borough) and I love to hear about lesser-known ones. Some glorious food on here, I love your pics. Thanks so much 🙂

    1. Alex says:

      Ar thanks – glad you enjoyed!

  11. Katy Clarke says:

    Delicious! I am so looking forward to trying Dishoom. I have heard so many great things. I will seek out Leather Lane too. Have you tried Mercato Metropolitano near Elephant and Castle? I can assure you that it’s worth the trek to a less obvious part of town. An incredible array of Italian treats. Thanks for sharing on #FarawayFiles

    1. Alex says:

      Oo really, no we haven’t. I’ve always wanted a good recommendation for Italian! Thanks!

  12. Ahila says:

    Lovely list of places to eat from in London! I have enjoyed trying out some of the food streets and markets in London and the three that I frequented the most was the one on Leather Lane, Exmouth market and of course, Borough market. Warung Tempeh’s stall at Leather Lane is a place I recommend for Indonesian food in the city. #FarawayFiles

    1. Alex says:

      Oo I shall try that next time I’m there!

  13. Marge says:

    Thanks for putting together such a great guide! I’ll definitely be visiting the restaurants and markets you’ve mentioned for our trip across the pond next summer. I can’t wait to try the Indian food there which everyone says is great.

    1. Alex says:

      It is but some Indian restaurants are also awful too so make sure you go with a recommendation!

  14. Looks nice! Bookmarked for my next London trip 🙂

  15. You’ve made me very hungry reading all this. Some really good places you’ve detailed – a couple I have yet to try but you are right, Dinner is worth it – so delicious. We went for lunch on a weekday which was pretty good value for the quality. I used to live up the road from Ottolenghi. It was a bit pricey to go there loads but his cook book is very good so can do it at home! His new restaurant NOPI is excellent too. Thanks for linking to #citytripping I need to book a date night!

    1. Alex says:

      Didn’t know you liked me that much ? #datenight! The guy who told me about Ottolenghi also told me about his recipe book – I must get it. Quite envious if you living in London.

  16. You got me at Ottolenghi Delhi.. Those cakes look amazing! #CityTripping

    1. Alex says:

      Oh the lemon and polenta drizzle!!!

  17. melbtravel says:

    What a great post and thanks for the ideas, as I live in London. I will definitely be trying a few of these out sooner rather than later. Beautiful pictures too.

    1. Alex says:

      Thanks Mel. The markets are great!

  18. I am suddenly ravenous – these all sound wonderful. I have been to Dishoom (a long time ago) and snacked at some of the markets, but lots of new suggestions even for an (adopted) Londoner. As you say, there’s just so much choice and so many different cuisines, plus it’s always changing and evolving so you could never get bored of the variety on offer. Love that fishy photo too. #citytripping

    1. Alex says:

      I’m hungry thinking about it!

  19. Lolo says:

    Mmm looks yummy! Thanks for the tips! We go to London at least once every other year to visit some family! Hopefully next year we can make it out again! #CityTripping

    1. Alex says:

      Hope so – its such a great city!

  20. Those desserts look incredible – I really shouldn’t have just read this while hungry! Great round-up of foods in London, will save it for our next trip:). #citytripping

    1. Alex says:

      The lemon & polenta drizzle cake I had was amazing!!

  21. Great choices. I’ve not done them all so will put on the list for next time we are home. Glad you had a good time at “Dinner” unfortunately we had a bad experience but there were some standout dishes and your pics look amazing #citytripping

    1. Alex says:

      Aw that’s a shame, yes we couldn’t fault it. You’re very lucky having all that awesome food on your doorstep!

  22. Chloe says:

    Ugh this looks so amazing!! Esp the brunch and dessert dishes haha!! They look deiicious! Thank you for sharing on FlyAwayFriday!

    1. Alex says:

      That brunch was to die for!

  23. YUMM, I have never been to London but it is on my list for sure, I will remember these places when I finally see it in person 🙂

    1. Alex says:

      wow – I don’t meet many who say they have never been to London, it certainly is a wonderful city!

  24. Mandy says:

    Yum! I’ve lived in (or near) London since 2007 and you had me salivating at your choices. I will definitely be checking some of these out in the near future.

    1. Alex says:

      Lucky you – having all that London-ness on your doorstep!

  25. I didn’t used to be a foodie person but maybe with age I am appreciating good nosh far more. £40 for a set lunch at Dinner (that’s an oxymoron if ever there was!) sounds excellent value.
    Love a good curry too so will make a note.

    1. Alex says:

      Thats what I thought, and for 2 star Michelin food too! Definitely worth it!

  26. Jane Taylor says:

    Amazing options and a fabulous feast of a review, as always…’From the minute you enter their establishment in Shoreditch your nose sends out party invites to various other body members seducing you with scents of cardamom and clove, cassia and cumin’ Is my favourite line. Have Pinned and shared!

    1. Alex says:

      Cheers my dears!

  27. Kana says:

    Oh my goodness now I’m starving and I just ate! Haha! I’m visiting London next year so I’m definitely saving this! Thank you so much for joining #FlyAwayFriday, see you in 2 weeks!

    1. Alex says:

      I know – I was salivating writing it! Enjoy London!

  28. Anna says:

    I´ve even pinned your post not to forget the names and places: I´m such a foodie! And in cities like London, where you have so many restaurants and food options, it could take time to find the best spots!Thanks for sharing #FlyAwayFriday

    1. Alex says:

      Aw thanks for the pin!! X

  29. Kat says:

    Love this post! I need to check some of these out. I have heard so much about Dishoom and never made it there but it looks SO good in your photos I’m going to have to rectify that soon!

    Pinned this for later, I’m sure I’ll reference it next time I’m looking for food in London.


    1. Alex says:

      Dishonest was cool – smelled like they’d ground every single spice the moment you walked in.

  30. Ruth says:

    My mouth is watering after reading this post (not fair, I am about to go to bed). I am attracted to cities with good food. Sadly, my experience with food in London wasn’t great when I visited for the first time. But, that was long time ago and seems like things have changed. I can spend days exploring the markets (that is one of my favorite things to do on my travels).

    1. Alex says:

      London has some great markets so I hope you have a better experience next time!

  31. Flo says:

    I love all the options in London! I feel like I haven’t even scratched the surface of all the great restaurants and places to eat – bookmarking this for our future trips back!

  32. I’m definitely pinning this post for later reference – we’re starting to plan a weekend in London and your post left my mouth watering, Alex. I really enjoy reading your posts. Keep up the good work!

    1. Alex says:

      Thanks Jurga. If you need any help planning I’d be happy to basque in your planning excitement! (That’s half the fun I think!)

  33. Off to book a meal at ‘Dinner’ the food looks amazing! Some fabulous places – will definitely check out some of these options for my next London visit!

    1. Alex says:

      It WAS amazing! You should!

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