The Premier Inn Hub, Brick Lane – Budget Hotel Review

Find nice cheap hotel in London? It's not easy. Budget hotels are often not good value for money as they can be too grotty. The hub is an excelllent choice for a budget hotel in the city.The Hub, by Premier Inn On Brick Lane In Spitalfields.

I knew it was a London budget hotel room and I knew it would be small, that I had been told, but the name Hub? I started singing the nursery rhyme Old Mother Hubbard, except this time, instead of going to the cupboard, she was sleeping in one! Was that it? Is this where Premier Inn got their new Hi-tec space capsule-like hotel concept from?

The word ‘Hub’ to me evokes the feeling of a central space of activity, a gathering of people. But, no matter how many shoe-horns you’re bringing to this party, there are definitely only 2 people getting in. And, even they have to be slim and married, because you’re going to get so up close and personal in this little pod. At about 12 x 8 feet (inclusive of a bathroom), this bijou Hub hotel room measures similar to my teenage daughters bedroom, and at this current time I can’t even remember what colour her carpet is – it’s been so long since I’ve seen it! (She too complains about a lack of space)

Ever since Tokyo did coffin-like sleep capsules the world has grabbed hold of the craze of the cheap hotel pod : compact, high tec and economic. And, I’m very sure they have a place in society – the white shirts who need to hit the hay after a long day of meetings, or single travellers who prefer to spend all their time soaking up the cities they visit and literally only need a bed for 6 hours at the most – anything more would be far too middle-aged. But, how about the budgetting city-breakers? Well that all depends on your perspective. Myself and Mr MLLH fit into the latter catagory – occasionally we’ll splash out on something sexier but more times than not our thought process is more slanted towards saving money on travel costs so that a) we can spend more on food and experiences and b) we can justify another weekend away a few weeks later!

So, does the new Hub by Premier Inn work for couples? How ‘value for money‘ is it? Or is it far too reminiscent of Prison Break? I think a hotel review is in order…

Cosy compact rooms in the heart of the city.

What Do The Premier Inn Hubs Have To Offer?

  • Conveniently located, most Premier Inn Hubs are in city locations where you’d usually pay an arm and a leg for a good hotel room. Covent Garden, Westminster and Edinburgh’s Royal Mile to name a few, so already I was very excited about the prospect of being in the heart of an area. We chose the Hub by Premier Inn Spitalfields branch and didn’t have to worry about evening transport links seeing as this particular district is thriving and there is no need to venture elsewhere for food and drinks.

(For a detailed guide of what to do in the Spitalfields/Brick Lane area have a read of our post here)

  • The cost! We payed £40 a night for a double room and for a Brick Lane hotel that’s unheard of, even for a sleezy Bed and Breakfast or  budget Airbnb room in someones house. Finding a good reasonably priced hotel in London is hard, let me tell you!
  • Hi-tec stuff. From the minute you enter their corridor-like reception area of the Hub Hotel Brick Lane and get to check in using a machine, not a person, you sense what you’re in for. The rooms have a control pad above the bed which regulates heat, sound and light, AND you can even download an app in case you’re on the loo, can’t reach the control panel and want to choose a more appropriate lighting. Strangely though, when Richard went downstairs one morning to introduce himself to the free coffee facilities, all the lights completely switched off in the room 5 seconds after he’d departed and i was left blind in the shower. Have you ever had a pitch black shower? It’s not easy. By the way, the Monsoon shower is more than excellent too.
  • The TV! Not only is it at the end of the bed, you can control it using your phone and also hook up to Apple Music if you have it and play your own music. The TV also has some pretty new films on there too, seperate from the TV channels : we snuggled in for a showing of Jason Bourne and felt very at home in our London hotel.
  • It lacks nothing. At the Hub Brick Lane there is room for clothes storage, toiletries, a shelf to rest your morning cup of tea, a hairdryer, wall-mounted bottle opener and even a pull out desk should you need it. There is a chair but why anyone would feel the need to sit in it to brush knees with the bed is beyond me. The Hub hotel room has been so cleverly designed it was reminiscent of a stationary cube I once owned in the 80’s from the Kaleidoscope catologue. Everything has a place and it flows harmoniously. Hats off to the designer.
  • I mentioned the free tea and coffee but the bar area also has a selection of breakfasts, snacks and drinks too, all very reasonably priced, especially breakfast. Your room is also stocked with complimentary bottles of water.
  • The bed is a Hypnos. If it’s good enough for Lenny Henry, it’s good enough for me. This time though, there is no sight of the awful trademark purple runner that Premier Inn love so much – just crisp white sheets and excellent pillows.

Budget hotel rooms with style in the best locations in London

Stylish rooms at affordable prices in the best locations in London

The Downsides To The Premier Inn Hubs

There really is only one downside to this budget hotel and that is the lack of space. I never knew I suffered from claustrophobia but all I kept thinking as I tried to sleep was that if someone so desired they could murder us with a draft-excluder. Death by Sausage Dog. I literally turned myself to face the door so that I had a better chance of sucking more oxygen into the room through the crack at the bottom. I felt like I was suffocating. However, night number 2 had us swapping places so that Mr MLLH was next to the wall and this time we both slept soundly. This Brick Lane hotel has to be one of the smallest around.

Would We Stay At The Hub on Brick Lane Again?


We are slim human beings with a desire to get cosy, we travel light (underpants can be worn twice) and we don’t spend hours in a hotel room when we’re visiting a city – there’s far too much to see otherwise. A 2 night break would definitely cause no problems, anything longer and I’d be pining for that extra foot our own Kingsize has to offer. And, it goes without saying, I shan’t be sleeping next to the wall again.

Possibly one of the cheapest hotels in the centre of London the Hub on Brick Lane delivers style, substance and swank.

For more information see the Hub website at

A high tec London hotel in the budget price range

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13 Comments Add yours

  1. David says:

    They look so cosy and clean.

  2. I really enjoyed reading this review! Your tongue-in-cheek writing style is both captivating and entertaining, and you have a gifted ability to draw your readers with you through any topic, no matter how mundane. But this was certainly not a mundane budget hotel review, because the Premier Inn Hub sounds intriguing — stylish, futuristic, and well-thought-out — like a tiny, capsule-like, self-sufficient space of the likes you would find on a spaceship hurtling out to Mars for a couple of months. Last but not least – it sounds like GREAT value for money (provided you are not claustrophobic, that is!). What a win for budget travellers!

  3. Emma says:

    Death by sausage dog made me howl with laughter! You have such a brilliant way with words. I am very intrigued by these hubs but i’m not sure I could cope. I get claustrophobic living on an island so this might be one step too far. However, it does look and sound amazing on the whole and £40 for London is blinking amazing!

    1. Alex says:

      Yeah, you just have to get your head around it and think of it as cosy. 😉 not sure I could cope with Island life, well unless it was the Bahamas.

  4. I must say i am intrigued by the HUBS I haven’t stayed in one yet, the could appeal and the lean lines i think, its a great idea for a budget hotel x

  5. This is such an exceptional review, Alex! Thanks for bringing this place closer and showing the pictures.

  6. Wow I am going to keep this in mind for my countless London trips when I need nothing more than a bed! Great review thanks Thanks for linking up to #MondayEscapes.

  7. £40 for a hote room in central London is astonishing! I could definitely forego some space to save that kind of cash – and before my daughter came along, I’d often look at our hotel room as a place to shower and sleep, give me location and a great price (more to spend on the next trip). These days with my daughter, we tend to spend longer in the room so I suspect they’d be trickier for the time being – especially after she goes to sleep… although at least it would give me more space in the bed. Definitely a great find for a lot of people. Thanks for linking up with #citytripping

  8. I like this! I’ve lived in a box in Bangkok and stayed in a spaceship cabin at Gatwick Airport. Would love to try this for my next London visit! #citytripping

  9. I think they are a great idea and we’d stay in a hub. We stayed in Yotel before and they are very similar! #CityTripping x

  10. Jane Taylor says:

    Bargain!!! I couldn’t sleep near wall either. I don’t even like being seated against a wall in a restaurant…or window seats on planes, trains or buses! Murder by draught excluder! Lol! Nutter!!

  11. Jurga says:

    I am with you on this, Alex. Sometimes a hotel is nothing else than a place to sleep. Clean, modern room in a good location in London at 40 pounds – wow! Wish they had pods for families, we spent a fortune on our hotel in London this spring…

    1. Alex says:

      I’m afraid there aren’t many good budget places for families in London, we always go with premier inn when we’re with the kids but they’re still not that cheap

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